Last 24th of March, for the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome, “Roma 3 University” has organized a major conference entitling EUROPEAN INTEGRATION AND SUPRANATIONALISM.

The conference began in joint session for the greetings and thanks, and then proceed with two parallel sections, both very interesting (see program below – click here to enlarge).

Professor Caggiano, first promoter of the event, invited most of the full professors of European Union law of the Italian faculties and each of them held a brief report about the most important issues. Some of these issues are already renowned, but they are still open issues such as the relationships between legal systems, subsidiarity, the frontier of fundamental rights and all that derives from it; other issues are rather new and controversial and reflects the needs and changes of today’s society.

Throughout the day, the speakers discussed extensively on fundamental rights, the interests of children in issues such as surrogate motherhood, personal and family status and, above all, their recognition not only within the European Union but all over the world.

The peculiarity of all these speeches is that, although they are gathered to celebrate a “European” event, the teachers have not hesitated to point out the impact that international family law has on the European family law. When we speak of personal and family status or fundamental rights, therefore, there can be no barriers of any kind; There can only be a great openness and flexibility, as well as the latest developments in case law on the subject.

Here are some photos taken during the day. In the coming weeks also the videos of the entire event will be available on the official website of Roma 3 University.

Rome: important conference on European Integration