Welcome to  your on-line training on Brussels IIa regulation!

This is a multiple tool training, built on several instruments.

1. At first  you will be offered a theoretical and practical training, based on a brief PRESENTATION of the main topics related to jurisdiction in divorce and parental responsibility as resulting by the presentations given  during the training events in 2016 and 2017. Such material will help you to solve PILOT CASES, i.e. fact patterns drawn from real decisions given by EU member States and presenting the most challenging situations. 

Materials are divided into two main topics Matrimonial Matters, Parental Responsibility
and Hearing of the Child and Child Abduction & Return Proceedings.
They are  presented  in English. However, a translation into Italian, Spanish, Croatian & Lithuanian is available for each of them.  

Matrimonial Matters, Parental Responsibility
& Hearing of the Child

Child Abduction & Return Proceedings

2. As a next step, you are provided with a collection of all Judgments given by the EU Court of Justice on relevant subject matter.

3. Further, an e-learning platform offering an Interactive Course on Brussels IIa Regulationg,  will give you the chance to test the knowledge acquired with the previous tools.

4. Finally, you will find the Handbook , available in 5 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Croatian & Lithuanian).