On 21-22 September, the final trainings on the Regulation Brussels II bis shall be held in Vilnius. The trainings will cover questions on jurisdiction and parental responsibility matters. The event is organized by the Law Institute of Lithuania under the international project co-financed by the EU. These will be the last trainings in the project “EU Judiciary Training on Brussels IIa Regulation: from South to East”. This year the trainings already took place in Italy, Spain and Croatia. The trainers from all the project partner countries (Lithuania, Italy, Spain and Croatia) will be present in the event and will share their knowledge and experience. Moreover, two experts from Germany and Lithuania – judges dealing with parental responsibility cases will present their insights about hearing of children in their countries. Participants of the trainings will also be given several case studies drafted on the basis of actual cases dealt by national courts in various EU states. This that will assist to deepen the gained knowledge and will provide opportunities for discussing problematic cases. More than 70 participants (judges and clerks) have registered for the trainings. The event is supported by the National Courts Administration and will take place in their premises. The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Justice program. The end of the project is scheduled for October 2017.

Here you can find the programme of the event.

Final judicial trainings on Regulation Brussels II bis – next week in Vilnius